Fortnite : Save The World Review

If your kids say they’re playing Fortnite, they’re probably talking about Battle Royale, the free-to-play multiplayer offshoot of Fortnite. In this version, up to 100 people participate in a match together. Players are dropped onto the game map and must compete to be the last one standing by killing every other player in the game. During the game, players collect weapons, build safe structures, and try to avoid the Storm that damages all players outside of a safe zone. Unlike the Save the World version, there aren’t any zombies to kill, which makes it a less scary version to play. However, players can buy items to make themselves look like a zombie or another creepy character.

It’s a lightning-fast system where fights can end in the blink of an eye with just one slight miss. This makes for a stark contrast from other battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which is filled with long, tense standoffs where sustained accuracy often matters more than a single well placed shot. It’s a chaotic and fun system that makes fights a little more complicated than simply aiming at your opponent and firing, but after a few hours with Fortnite I started to get the shoot-and-switch rhythm down and fights started to become almost automatic.

Pricing and Platforms

Fortnite actually has two main gameplay elements: a player vs. environment (PvE) setup called Save the World and the mode I reviewed, which comprises the meat of the game: Battle Royale. The Save the World mode is currently expensive, but it will go free-to-play sometime in 2018, according to Epic Games. For now, you can choose between purchasing the Standard Edition ($39.99), the Deluxe Edition ($59.99), the Super Deluxe version ($89.99), and the Limited Edition ($149.99).

Matches in Fortnite begin with an open-ended search and scavenge period and culminate in the eventual construction and defense of your fort against waves of husks, which come in every expected variety: human-sized, rhino-sized brawlers, and fragile long-range damage dealers. You and up to three other players start in a large map, each of which contain procedurally generated neighborhoods and city blocks, or forested areas crowded with deep mine shafts and jutting hills. Thanks to the freedom of its outstanding building mechanic, Fortnite Battle Royale isn’t just a great battle royale game – it’s one of the best multiplayer games in recent history. All in all, Fortnite is a game many people can look forward to playing for the foreseeable future. Epic Games’ persistence and commitment to community feedback, latched on with low PC requirements, creative gameplay, and a Free to Play model, have made it one of the most successful games on the market today. With updates almost every week, there are always new things to try for new or returning players alike.

After I situated myself in the controls, leveling and managing my squads, and making my way through some missions, Fortnite works. Missions are fun and engaging, rewards are plentiful, and it feels good to shoot things. Replayability is there too, as the enemies and resources are randomly placed when you load a mission. Forntnite may be slightly repetitive at times but is overall an enjoyable experience. Fortnite is an ever-shifting entity, but strong footing has solidified it as a verified phenomenon with fast, fun gameplay and ubiquitous reach. Anyone can play it and have a great time, and although Save the World might get grindy and shotgun climb-and-dives might get a little tiresome, there’s real magic here along with the promise of more in the months and years to come.


The Verdict

Fortnite is a constantly evolving experience. Take for example, Fortnite’s Playground mode, which halts the battle and gives players the opportunity to explore the map without the worry of the encroaching storm or enemy players. Developers have also reworked areas of the map since the time of our last review, so there is no shortage of places to discover. For example, you can now visit the relaxing Lazy Links golf course, ancient Viking Outpost, and expanded Dirt Race Track. Various toys allow you to further interact with some of these areas.Beneath all of the dances, the skins, and the Battle Pass, Fortnite Battle Royale is an excellently designed, ever-shifting platform of a game that respects a player’s time whether they choose to spend money or not. There’s enough of a learning curve to keep us coming back time and time again, while also being a fun place to play a quick game with a friend. It truly is a modern marvel